The creation of the BCT University, was founded in 1996. At that time, the Democratic Republic of Congo had only three Universities, all belonging to the State. That is to say, the BCT is the first secular Private University to be established in the DRC.


The BCT University is a private institution of public utility called to organize a university education and to promote programs of scientific research of high level. The training provided at the BCT is therefore for any person, young or adult, of any social condition, without distinction of race, tribe, religion, ideology or nationality, anxious to deepen or perfect its knowledge in the fields of teaching at the university.


Choose from online college degrees in some of today's in-demand fields.

Accounting & Finance
Criminal Justice
Health Care
Information Technology
Liberal Arts
Political Science
Social & Behavioral Science

BCT University offers online and distance degree programs in unique, exciting, and relevant educational fields. Find the online and distance AA degree program that best suits your interests and goals. Search through the catalog below to find a program that will be relevant to your goals and interests,

Online Learning Experience

Degree Programs :-

Have you been sidelining your education? BCT University’s online degree programs can get you back in the academic game. You can have a flexible schedule, choose from different online AA degree programs, and more. If you enroll in one of BCT University’s degree programs you can benefit from convenient scheduling and effective learning opportunities in online coursework.

BCT University also provides you access to a suite of digital tools for accelerating learning and helping you stay engaged in your studies. Pursue your college education at BCT University.

Choosing Your School & Degree :-

How do you decide which online degree is best for you? There are various considerations to be made when choosing an educational program. Does the school have the majors and programs that you enjoy, and learning solutions that will benefit you?

The differences in degree programs are subtle, but worth investigating. Make sure you take the time to read and understand the details of the degrees that interest you. BCT offers two online AA degree programs with their own unique characteristics. The syllabus isn’t the only thing to think about. Your preferred style of learning, and how well that matches up with the technology you’ll be using, should also be considered when researching the program that will be best for you.